August 2, 2015



Alas the site was hacked, along with all my other blogs. I’m not sure if or when we will be back, as I have the daunting task of rebuilding years of work on mutilple blogs. I am not a happy camper, to put it mildly. And to hackers, SUCK IT.

Second, to the fuckwits who keep TRYING to leave spam comments in Chinese, it ain’t ever gonna get approved. Stop wasting all of our time.

Now, it just so happens is closing down for good, which means I get to move/save a bunch of content, including my TV Examiner content. Some of it is reality garbage, but a lot isn’t so it seems kind of silly if I’m copying and pasting not to just go ahead and save them here. D’oh.

So some stories will start magically appearing with back dates reflecting when they were originally written.

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